The Evolution of Content Marketing: Ad Exhaustion to Digital Mania


People have wearied of advertising and turned to digital media

In the old days it was easy–we relied on two forms of marketing—direct mail and advertising. But we wearied of advertising. People stopped buying the magazines and newspapers where the ads appeared. They began taping their favorite TV programs so they could skip the ads. The emergence of laptops and digital devices meant that people were online 24/7; savvy business owners realized that they needed to find a new way to reach this audience, and social media, newsletters, blogs and websites were the methodology.

Content marketing represents significant opportunity, but it also makes our jobs a lot harder because now, on top of being the CEO, CMO, CFO and COO of our businesses, we have to be skilled and clever writers and social media experts. And thanks to WordPress and other web technologies, we are now supposed to be updating our website content on a regular basis. We need to be writing clever blogposts and newsletters that showcase our expertise.

There’s a lot to love about content marketing—it’s free, it’s accessible and it doesn’t discriminate. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can become a player in the content marketing space.

But there is a caveat. In order to share your knowledge and be recognized as an industry expert, you have to be a good writer. It’s not enough to just have clever ideas and keen insights. Every time you produce written material about yourself you are putting a line in the sand positioning yourself as an expert. If what someone produces fails to make its point, is full of grammatical and punctuation errors, I think of that person as a whole lot less expert.

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