The Secret To Good Marketing? Be Memorable!

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The Secret To Good Marketing? Be Memorable!

I love to peruse Slide Share for blog ideas, and a recent one really hit home. The key to good marketing? Be memorable!

How to be memorable?


Evoke emotion–make them laugh!

Think about the advertising that sticks with you, that makes you want to run out and buy a product—how do these ads make their appeal?


  1. Evoke emotion
  2. Use contrast
  3. Create mental images
  4. Use shocking and visual images and ideas
  5. Visually simplify concepts
  6. Tell stories
  7. Are relevant

Think about Louis Vuitton

I always think of those gorgeous full-page ads for Louis Vuitton products. Beautiful people, beautiful bags. More important–beautiful lives. What’s going on here? These ads, like all ads for luxury products are using at least three of these triggers—they’re creating mental images, telling stories and evoking emotion—and you’re thinking about how having one of those bags would improve the quality of your life.

With content marketing, words create the triggers

When it comes to content marketing, you’re using words to create these same triggers. The best way to do this? Tell a story that evokes emotion, creates mental images and simplifies concepts for your readers. I write a weekly blog and monthly newsletter for a client, and I like to tell cautionary tales—actual stories that demonstrate the consequences if you don’t do this. I also use real-life examples of how people are using their products, describing how the company is there to help them. By telling a story rather than just talking endlessly about their long list of services, I’m describing scenarios that are going to be relevant for many of their readers and, hopefully, motivate them to come in to one of their offices. Key to every blogpost are a call to action and an attention-getting subject line.

Don’t stop with your blog or newsletter

Develop some case studies for your websites. Show how you’ve helped your clients solve problems—chances are someone else is going to be facing that very same challenge. As small business owners, we all want to be recognized as problem-solvers.

Is this the year that you’re going to start blogging? It’s a great way to showcase your expertise and it increases your website’s SEO value. Talk to us at Top of Mind Marketing. We’re writers and digital media experts.

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