A Cure for Content Constipation

Considering that people don’t read anymore, there’s an awful lot of content out there. Blogs, social media, websites. Everyone’s competing for eyeballs.

Everyone’s competing for eyeballs

People are overwhelmed with the new media, and it doesn’t make their lives easier; rather, it adds another item to their already overloaded to-do lists.

What to write about?
Some of my clients have no idea what they should be writing about. We talk about creating an editorial calendar, identifying topics and assigning them dates so there’s some accountability. Okay, great idea, but they still have to write that blog or article or series of social media posts. 

Make it easy on yourself: tell a story
If you’re a business owner, you’re a problem solver. Write about it how you’ve helped your clients solve problems
. Make this compelling and personal; there’s a pretty good chance that other people are going to have this same problem and this is what makes it relational, and relationships are what help us grow our businesses.

Subscribe to industry newsletter
You should be subscribing to industry newsletters to stay on top of what’s going on in your industry.
These newsletters are also low-hanging fruit for content. Review the headlines, peruse the articles, and copy and paste those that are thought-provoking or especially timely into a Word document. Reference this document when you’re ready to write your blog or newsletter and you’ve got a little archive of great ideas to write about.

Don’t be afraid to steal ideas
Don’t be afraid to steal ideas and don’t be afraid of your own opinions.
Share them. You may choose to disagree with an article—provide your own views—remember that you’re an expert as well. Think about extracting a quote from the article and discussing that. It might be that you don’t like the author and want to refute his views. The possibilities are endless. The more I read, the more ideas I get. Finding the time to write about them–that never changes.

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