Things I’m begrudgingly liking . . . Graph Search, Facebook’s new database functionality

By August 15, 2013Uncategorized

GraphSearch lets you drill down to detailed levels of granularity. So what? Think about the advertising potential

Facebook is the app we love to hate. We claim to like innovation, but let’s face it, we love our comfort zones. Yet I have to admit that I’m liking Graph Search.

I spent some time playing around with this and searched for everyone who went to my high school, and up pops a series of fields in the righthand column that lets you refine your search by gender, year, marital status and employer.

Extend your search to find out who their friends are, where they’ve worked, what landmarks they’ve visited, books they’ve read and videos they’ve watched. The drilldown/filtering seems nearly unlimited. You even get to take a chance to “Discover Something New”.

Privacy issues? Forget it—you shouldn’t be on social media. Who cares about this increased level of granularity? I haven’t really thought this through yet, but I think advertisers are going to care. I think there’s going to be some serious competition for advertising dollars, and I’m wondering what Google is thinking about Graph Search right about now.  

Ask me about how to use social media for your business. It’s not going away.

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