Time to remember how much fun and simple marketing is

It’s time to remember how much fun and simple marketing is

Are you drowning in marketing tips that you have no idea how to implement, weary of tryingsimplify to figure out how some silly 140-character Tweet is going to make your sophisticated clients pick up the phone and call you, and can’t for the life of you figure out what those people at Google are thinking when it’s clear to you and everyone else that Google+ just isn’t working? 

Marketing used to be so easy

We had advertising and we had direct mail. We had budgets and we allocated a certain amount of money to each and hoped to hell that some of it worked, and we went about our business. Now we’re expected to be constantly updating our websites with new content to increase our SEO value, writing brilliant blogs, producing clever newsletters, developing and executing a PR strategy, making frequent breathtaking presentations so that we’re recognized as industry experts and networking our asses off. And that’s before we start taking care of our clients.

Time to get back to the basics

  • Stop chasing Likes, Tweets, Followers, etc.
  • Chase leads, the fundamentals of marketing and sales
  • Lead capture, nurture, conversion
  • Marketing is based on two key requirements:
    1. A great product
    2. Hard work and persistence
  • Capture leads with a call to action
  • Sales = Happiness. The most important element in business success is selling. Nothing happens without a sale.

Start today

Evaluate your marketing campaign and start to simplify it. If you can’t manage or sustain processes, they are not working, so lose them. Figure out what processes will work for you and make these parts of your campaign—along with your great product, hard work and persistence!

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