Tips on Content Marketing from The NY Times

Tips on Content Marketing from The New York Times

I’m a news junkie and I still love to read newspapers, especially imagesThe New York Times—now 150 years old and still boasting that it has all the news that’s fit to print. Here are some tips from The Times from a recent report on how publishing and content marketing companies need to adapt to the digital age. What I really love is that a few of these tips have been my mantras for quite a while now.

  1. Experiment. All of us have become online publishers, and we need to be constantly learning about what content resonates. Take a chance and learn from it.
  2. Repackage your content. The NYT discovered that original content that was repackaged into Flipboard became the best-read collection in the history of the paper.
  3. Content marketing is not just about publishing—it’s also about marketing. Writers and content creators who have put marketing as a distant priority are losing out. You’ve got to be hustling your content—we’re all marketers these days, just like all of us who own our own businesses are all salespeople.
  4. Don’t forget search engines. At the NYT, they discovered that doing some good SEO increased traffic by a whopping 52 percent.
  5. It’s a team effort. Content marketing is a team effort. It requires skills across writing, technology, products, user experience and marketing. What if you’re a team of one and there’s no one to whom to delegate? If it’s not sustainable, lose it.
  6. Leaders need to unlearn. What used to work years ago often doesn’t work now. The old business models are being shaken to the core and those who are nimble are the survivors.

Like all newspapers, The Times has struggled to stay not just current, but alive. A good sign for the future of The Times? More than 7M Likes on their Facebook page! Thankfully, they’ve been successful in their efforts to reach a diverse audience–so far.

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