Twitter URL Shortener: Tweets Just Got a Lot More Powerful

I manage social media for my clients, which includes Twitter. Twitter can be a tough sell–many people think it’s silly and frivolous, and it’s a challenge to create a meaningful message in 140 characters. There is great debate about whether the 140-character limit makes us better or worse writers, but I do know that it’s a lot harder to write a little than a lot. Still, that 140-character restriction can be frustrating.

Another downside of Twitter is the inability to include links, which we know can often be long. One of the things I recommend to all of my clients is to link to articles, websites and/or images that you think would be of interest to your clients. I try to do this at least a couple of times/week because it shows you’re staying on top of industry trends–that you’re getting it. It also provides something to click on, and people love interaction.

Now, in case you missed it, Twitter has provided a great new feature: it automatically shortens links to 19 characters. This means that you can paste a link of any length into the Tweet box and the application will automatically shorten it to just 19 characters. You will get a little message saying that “This link will appear shortened”. This enhancement gives you infinitely more opportunities to share information with your community. You are still confined to 140 characters, but the shortened link feature makes Twitter a lot more powerful.

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