Viral Marketing—It’s Easy If You’ve Got a Sexy Topic

Viral Marketing—It’s Easy If You’ve Got a Sexy Topic


A boa in the toilet is an example of a recent story that went viral–for a good reason–imagine flushing the toilet and being faced with a 5″ deadly snake!

I led a discussion in one of my networking groups on viral marketing—how to get it and how to make it work for you. What is viral marketing? Having your message reach a huge online audience. Viral marketing is easy if you’ve got a really sexy topic. Remember the one a month or so ago about the woman who flushed the toilet and a 5 1/2-foot boa constrictor came up out of the bowl. That one hit all the newspaper sites and hit everyone’s FB feed, simply flying around the internet for a good reason—the unimaginable horror of a huge, deadly snake coming up out of the toilet.

But it’s a whole lot harder if you’re selling a service

The reality is that the sexier the product, the more in demand, the more shocking it is, the more likely it is to go viral. If you’re selling a service—no matter how good you are—it’s hard to make that message go viral. I think of all the service providers with whom I work—my colleagues and friends who are superb business coaches, printers, attorneys, healthcare providers and financial service experts, etc. Nothing sexy about the services these people provide. The chances of their messages going viral are pretty remote.

Don’t give up on the online space

If your message isn’t being consumed by the masses, don’t be discouraged–the masses are probably not your audience anyway. Instead, identify your audience, set some goals and reach out to your potential clients. Make a commitment to blog every single week and post that blog to your social media sites. If you’re doing presentations, upload your presentations to SlideShare. Get as much mileage out of every piece of writing as possible. Don’t forget a call to action and be sure to reiterate your company name and your contact information.

Forget about viral; think about the impact of a steady content stream

As a content marketing expert, I have been successful in making my content work for me. Over the course of three-four years, my weekly blogs on topics that contain my keywords, yelp reviews, steady posts to social media along with my monthly newsletter and guest blogging opportunities have steadily raised my visibility in the online space.

Forget about viral; instead, think about the impact of a steady stream of good original content; it’s cumulative and, over time, it will percolate to the top. If it’s good content, it will get people’s attention and position you as an industry expert. I know this is working for me because my clients are finding me from online searches. There’s nothing like conversion to make a believer of you.

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