Want More Readers? Sex Up Your Subject Lines!

Want More People to Read Newsletters? Sex Up Your Subject Lines! I’m bullish on newsletters for a few very good reasons: they’re a high-impact, cost-subjlineseffective way to stay in front of your audience. Your newsletter is your soapbox, an opportunity to be creative and share your ideas, expertise and what I like most—your opinions!

You’re only as good as your subject line
Coming up with killer subject lines, however, is email marketing’s greatest challenge. Your subject line has 100% eyeshare, regardless of whether or not an email is opened. Think about this–even as someone is deleting your newsletter, he/she is reading your subject line and thinking about your message.

In pursuit of better subject lines to grow your audience
Below are a few cautionary rules, words and phrases that assure your newsletters will either go unread or directly to your spam file.

  • Avoid sales terminology: free, reminder, % off, sales event, shop early, don’t miss, etc.
  • Avoid Last chance and anything in CAPS—this translates as online screaming and it’s impossible to read
  • Check out these amazing offers should always be avoided.
  • Punctuation turnoffs: multiple exclamation points and smiley faces.
  • Awesome and amazing. Stop using these now. They don’t belong anywhere in business communications and certainly not in your subject line.

One more thought—keep subject lines constrained—remember that people are opening them on digital devices. Less is always more when it comes to business communications. Strive for efficiency, making your case in as few words as possible.

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