What We Can Learn from the Candidates’ Email Campaigns

If you’ve been paying any attention, you know that the presidential candidates havetop of mind marketing_email campaign become extremely savvy about using electronic media. Let’s take a look at two candidates whose email campaigns are smart, thoughtful and create an emotional connection, which is what we should all be striving to accomplish.

I’m a Hilary fan—she’s smart, experienced and gets stuff done

I’ve been getting a nearly daily assault of emails from Hillary’s campaign. It would be annoying, and I’d have unsubscribed long ago, but as a marketing person who’s always interested in good campaigns–and these are exceedingly well done–I look forward to what her media team is coming up with next.

What’s not to like? It’s a courtship . . .

So far, I’ve received:

  • Invitations from Chelsea to meet her dad.
  • An invitation to a party at Christina Aguilera’s house that included a free trip to her home
  • An exclusive invitation to shop for the new Hillary holiday collection–Hillary T-shirts, barware and Christmas tree ornaments.
  • A personal invitation from Bill to have dinner with him—he apparently wanted to sit down with me, and this was his first opportunity of the year. I was delighted that he had chosen me, of course, but unfortunately, I had to decline. Sorry, Bill, I had other plans that night.

All of these messages are exemplary—crisp, spare and direct with terrific subject lines that generally tease me into opening them, even though I know goddam well they just want me to send money.

Kudos to Kamala’s media team

Another candidate who’s done a superb job with her email blast is Kamala Harris, California’s Attorney General, who’s now running for US Senate. Her media people sent out a holiday message that was subtle and moving. Good marketing these days tells a story and makes an emotional connection, and this message is a brilliant example at what may be our most traditional of holidays, Thanksgiving, a time when friends and families gather for turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Bless her heart, Kamala is actually reaching out to share her grandmother’s cornbread stuffing recipe. Her message is simple, heartfelt and sincere. She points out that our holiday meals, while centered around food, are really about so much more. This is the time for celebrating the people in our lives and our relationships. “Some of the people around our table will be related by blood, by marriage, or because we chose one another as family. My hope is that each of you has some combination of the above to spend this day with. Because to me, sharing a meal is what binds us, and there’s no better way to show your love for someone than by cooking for them.” We’re weary of self-serving politicians, and this is about something bigger than herself.

Campaigns are all about marketing

I love politics, so I’m fascinated by the campaign process, and I have to admit that part of this is about the marketing! I’m always looking to be enlightened, informed and entertained, and I’m rarely disappointed.

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