When’s the Last Time You Updated Your About Page?

When’s the last time you looked at your About page? Does your page tell an engaging story and validate you or is it a tired old bio that you haven’t updated in years?

About: The one page your audience may actually read

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Add Value by updating your About page–a chance to make a personal connection

Your About page may be the one page on your website that your audience will actually read. I was working on a site with a client who has a rather extensive gallery/portfolio. Working on the project with us was a young, newly minted architect, and we were talking about the site’s landing pages. Good landing pages are important if you want to attract search engines, but as this young man pointed out, “the only pages anyone’s going to look at are the About section and the portfolio.” And this may be the reality. While product pages validate you, they don’t hold the appeal of your About page.

We’re interested in the details of people’s lives

We’re naturally curious, which is why we’ve seen the dramatic surge in social media. We want to know about the people with whom we’re going to be working—where they grew up, went to school, if they graduated from college and what kind of degrees they have. What causes they support. If they’re sports fans, how they ended up here in the Bay Area.

But more than just professional accomplishments and academics, it’s important to share something about yourself—this is a chance to make a personal connection. This may be the time to share your passion for what you do. It’s also a chance to:

  • Tell your audience how you can help them—describe what you do. I don’t know about you, but I continue to evolve. What I did a year ago isn’t what I’m focusing on now. Tell your audience about this.
  • Build credibility. Use quotes or testimonials. Link to your case studies page. Use a brief example of how you solved a problem or helped a client save money, grow his/her business or reach new clients.
  • Let your personality come through in your passion for your work. Some people reference their mission statements, though for me a mission statement is right up there with best practices. Impossibly dull.
  • Talk about what you do when you’re not working. People are drawn to people with similar interests. If you’re a Giants fan who hates the Dodgers, you’ve just joined a huge club of like-minded baseball fans who love to talk sports. Leverage these kinds of synergies. This may not seem important, but they become ice-breakers and create bonds. Spirited conversations about topics other than business are often the way business relationships begin. Initiate these relationships on your About page.
  • Tell them what to do next through a Call to Action. Call or contact you, download a whitepaper or ebook.

When was the last time you updated your photo?

Yes, by a professional photographer, not one of your kids and his/her iPhone. I get a new professional photo taken every year. I don’t go to a photographer who glams me up—I don’t want any surprises. I cringe at the thought of meeting a new client and having him/her say “oh, I thought you’d be younger, thinner or prettier.”

You want to look good, but still look like yourself

Real estate agents are famous for this one. They’re still using photos that are 10-20 years old—I always wonder what they must be thinking when they hand me a business card, and the picture on it is of a significantly younger person who bears little resemblance to the person with whom I’m talking. Make an appointment with your favorite photographer today, then update your About page. It’s an important part of your brand and a small part of your marketing budget.

Is it time to update web content? Your business has likely changed but your content hasn’t. Good content increases your SEO value and tells potential clients what you do. At Top of Mind Marketing, we’re writers and SEO experts, and we’d love to talk with you.


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