World Series Advertising: Going for the Gut

World Series Advertising: Going for the Gut

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Mo’ne Davis, featured on Chevrolet’s ad, throws a 70mph fastball

We can all take a lesson from big-spending corporations who advertise during high-profile sports events that draw record-setting TV audiences. The World Series doesn’t have the draw of the Super Bowl, but you’d never know it here in the Bay Area, where there are a millions of fans glued to their sets, and there’s one big takeaway from World Series advertising: the best ads are going for the gut.

While there’s the usual glut of ads about insurance, cars and beer, it’s the ones that make an emotional connection that we remember.

  • Chevrolet’s profile of the remarkable Mo’ne Davis, the little girl who pitched a shutout in the Little League World Series. She loves sports, pitches 70mph and is simply inspiring.
  • The precocious little guy who lost his iguana and uses an HP workstation to launch a campaign to recover his pet.
  • My fav? Budweiser with another fabulous dog ad—the yellow lab whom we first see as a puppy, forming an indelible bond with his owner. When the owner doesn’t come home one night, we see that dog watching for him at the window. As the owner of a yellow lab, I know that wagging tale and that greeting when we walk in the door. Budweiser does it every time, playing on our heart strings with these man and his dog ads, but they are incredibly effective.

What we learn from these ads: emotions are the way we connect

We respond to emotional triggers, and it’s the way we build relationships. How to make emotional connections with your audience?

  • Tell a story. As business owners, we all like to think of ourselves as problem-solvers, so share a case study of how you have helped a client. Use this case study in your newsletter or blog.
  • Identify the pain. What are the problems your potential clients are facing? Understanding their challenges and finding ways to solve problems are infinitely more meaningful than talking about your services.
  • Share something about yourself. People want to know about the people with whom they are going to be doing business.

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