Most Important Asset: Your Role as a Trusted Advisor

I went to a luncheon a few weeks ago hosted by Oakland’s Bell Investment Advisors. Jim and Bonnie Bell are an inspiring team in both work and life. Bonnie’s a coach, Jim’s a financial advisor, and they’re the genius behind what they call Making a Good Life Happen.

Their luncheons always include interesting people. As we went around the table and introduced ourselves, I realized that there were 15 people who were older (60ish?) and had realigned their lives in their later years for a variety of reasons, including layoffs. Here’s the catch: all were happy and successful.

I love what one woman shared with the rest of the group. Like many people in our Bay Area community, she is extraordinarily accomplished–landscape architect, MBA and now an attorney. She confided that sometimes she wearies of the boring minutiae of legal and business matters, but the thing that she has grown to love is her role as a trusted advisor.

I realize that is something that galvanizes me as well. I love sitting down and brainstorming about marketing ideas with friends and colleagues, and I love it even more when a client comes to me looking for the savvy industry expertise and creative, pragmatic solutions that I can provide.

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