Your Website: Turn A Necessary Evil Into a Source of Lead Generation

I’ve been writing a lot of content for websites lately. I’ve gotten pretty good at developing content that makes search engines happy–all part of good search engine optimization (SEO).

Good SEO means that people are going to find your website–that’s why you built it, right?

This translates to people’s finding your site, initiating a dialog and if you’re lucky, signing a new client. Good website content is not rocket science; rather, it’s pretty formulaic. Sounds easy, though it’s not as easy as it sounds. The formula?

  1. Identify your keywords–not as hard as they try to make this. Think of the words that describe what you do. For example, mine are words like Marketing, Business Development, SEO, Social Media, Writing, Berkeley, Newsletters, Blogs, Websites.
  2. Each keyword gets its very own webpage—think of this as a starring role in the navigation schematic. Obviously, you can’t have a page for every keyword, so you need to get a little strategic here.
  3. The content on that page should be at least 300 words and it needs to be very focused.
  4. Use that keyword as many times as possible on that page—keep in mind that it still needs to be a narrative—you can’t get away with just reiterating that same keyword over and over again a gazillion times. If you do that, Google apparently knows and has some evil way of punishing you. By the way, there are other search engines—Bing and Chrome, etc.—but none has the power of Google.

There are other rules and guidelines. They tell you that you should be publishing new keyword-rich content to your website on a daily basis, but let’s be realistic–we’re all barely keeping our heads above water as it is. But do think about a blog. It can easily be created and branded in a blog application like WordPress. I can do this for you in a couple of hours. It’s infinitely easier to use than it used to be and that blog can be repurposed as a newsletter article and excerpts can be posted to your social media sites. Make your content work for you—it will reward you with new clients.

Ask me about turning your website into a source of lead generation.

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