11 Easy Ways to Boost your SEO Value

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11 Easy Ways to Boost your SEO Value


Adding good, fresh content is key to increasing your SEO value

You’re an industry expert, not a tech whiz, right? But as small business owners, we don’t have the luxury of operating in isolation. We need to come up with winning strategies for our clients, but we also need to know about marketing and technology. Your website’s an important marketing tool, but not if nobody can find it. Here are 11 Easy Ways to Boost your SEO Value that you don’t have to be a techie to understand—tips that translate to your small business.

  1. Think content. Update your website frequently. How to do this? Make sure your products and services are still relevant and described so your audience wants to learn more—be sure to include a Call to Action. Add a Case Studies page and update this with projects on which you have helped your clients solve problems. Keep it simple so you can update it—otherwise it will never happen.
  2. User Experience. Believe it or not, search engines like this. Good navigation and ease of use.
  3. Start a blog. This is the easiest way to add fresh content to your site. Don’t be overwhelmed by a blog—it doesn’t have to be a tome—keep it lively and fun. If you can’t commit to a blog, don’t get started—if your last post was in June of 2013, it makes you look like you lost interest, which you clearly did.
  4. Do start using social media. Commit to posting 2-3x/week. Be sure and post your blogs to your social media sites. Provide links back to your site and use the name of your business in your post—it’s great for SEO.
  5. Don’t get scammed by people who promise guaranteed results. For anything. These people are generally bottom feeders who prey on your vulnerability. “Great results guaranteed”, “Get found on Google and double your business!” Ignore these people.
  6. Overcome your fear of keywords. It’s not as hard as they try to make it. Learn to use Google’s Keyword Planner/Adwords. Another app that provides good keywords to weave into your content: Ubersuggest—it’s also uber-easy to use. Beware of keyword stuffing—apparently Google punishes you.
  7. Use images. Let’s face it—we need to be entertained. An image provides visual texture—also make sure your images have alt tags—keywords or the name of your company on the names of those jpg files.
  8. Optimize for mobile. 60% of people or more are pulling you up on their phones—those phones are getting bigger, but they’re still small handheld devices. Most web platforms these days such as WordPress translate automatically to mobile. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it really is time to think about a new site.
  9. Set up a Google listing—a great way to increase your presence in local search.
  10. Set upand use—Google Analytics. Find out what’s working/not.
  11. Be patient. Increasing traffic to your website doesn’t happen overnight; rather, it requires a steady, prolonged effort, but it will pay off.

Make a commitment

Set aside at least two hours/week to create new content, study analytics, read about the heinous new things Google is doing to confuse us. It’s worth it—chances are you’ve spent a lot of money on your website. Time for some ROI.

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