6 Key Skills for Content Marketing Success

6 Key Skills for Content Marketing Success


Content marketing requires your being an old-fashioned gumshoe with keen analytical skills

If you’re producing social media posts, a blog, newsletter and websites content, you’re engaging in content marketing, Somewhere along the line, there’s an expectation that we all have become superb writers and savvy marketers. Frankly, this is a stretch–even for those of us with strong marketing backgrounds and years of experience, content marketing requires significant expertise. Here are 6 key skills for content marketing success.

You need to be:

  1. An old-fashioned gumshoe with the analytical mind of a scientist. You need to search out and identify trends, then research and analyze their long-term consequences.
  2. A copywriter. Sorry. If you can’t write, content marketing is going to be a struggle. This is an acquired skill—but you can learn to write or hire a content marketing expert (this is something Top of Mind Marketing does for our clients—we love to write!)
  3. Have eye of a graphic designer. You don’t need to win design awards, but laying out a page with visual cues—good spacing, strategic headings, subheads, bullets and images increases the chances that your audience will pause long enough to read what you have written—and want to come back for more.
  4. The leadership of a coach. Never forget that you are positioning yourself as an industry expert. With every blog, newsletter and social media post, you have an opportunity to share your expertise. Make it count.
  5. The ability to create community. This is what it’s all about. All of a sudden, you find yourself gaining traction. You run into people who tell you how much they loved your last newsletter and they start commenting on your blogposts. Remember that it’s not content that’s king anymore—it’s conversation. You want to be stimulating a dialog.
  6. The stamina of a marathon runner, because you will need it. Unfortunately, content marketing is not about instant gratification; rather, it takes a long time to build a following. You may think that your newsletter or blogposts are falling into a big black hole, but you’d be surprised how many people look forward to reading your latest posts.

Then people begin to reach out because they need your help. We call this conversion. Don’t give up. Content marketing works.

Need help with your content marketing program? Talk to Top of Mind Marketing. We’re content marketing experts.

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