8 Marketing Predictions for 2015

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8 Marketing Predictions for 2015

predictionsI love the end-of-year wrap-up. The best, the worst, the most important. Predictions and resolutions for the New Year from people who probably don’t know any more than you or I. When it comes to marketing, the no-brainer is that everything is going mobile. Here are 8 marketing predictions for 2015:

  1. The lines of demarcation between B2B and B2C will blur as storytelling and the customer experience become more important. Nothing new here—it’s always been about relationships, the human element that engages customers.
  2. 2015 will be the year when small businesses take a big step forward, embracing content marketing to stay competitive—no longer just for marketing junkies.
  3. Time for accountability. Analytics platforms will become more accessible and play a bigger role in the planning, creation and distribution of content. Targeting the right audience at the right time will get more attention.
  4. 2015 will become the year for listening—not just to data, but also to your audience and best of all, to yourself. Trust your instincts.
  5. Look for the growth of infographics. Learn to tell a story visually.
  6. An emphasis on honesty: “We’re not the best, but we’re trying our best to get there” will be an overarching message in the New Year.
  7. X-treme Media: Getting past information overload in the digital space: look for extreme media. Ye gods. What do we have to figure out now . . .
  8. Go for honesty and simplicity. Remember when Meg Whitman was running for governor? One of her campaign ads was “Say what you mean and mean what you say”. Never quite sure about ol’ Meg, but I loved the sound of that . . .

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