Janet Peischel, Owner, Top of Mind Marketing

Janet Peischel
Owner, Top of Mind Marketing


A long career in corporate marketing

I have a BA and MA from the University of Washington, and I’ve spent most of my career working in corporate environments. I worked for an investment banking firm during the dotcom years, was a Sr. VP in Tech Marketing at Bank of America, wrote proposals for Price Waterhouse and managed a CRM rollout for Fremont Bank. I launched Top of Mind Marketing in 2009.

I love the relationships I now have with my clients and have become skilled at helping them maximize their marketing dollars. It’s always my goal to build their online brands, help them show up in search engines and position them as industry experts.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest

But I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 25 years. I’ve become a shameless sports fan, beginning with the Giants and the 2010 World Series. Like everyone else in the Bay Area, I’ve fallen in love with the Golden State Warriors. Of course I have a favorite player–Andre Iguodala. Along the way I became a 49ers fan, and I follow the Raiders and the A’s. I never planned this–-moving to California, becoming a sports fan and starting my own business. But I was never one of those well-ordered people with a five-year plan.

A Berkeley resident for many years

The culture and politics suit me. Berkeley is the home of all things politically correct, where food is a religion and old Volvos come to die. I recently made a change in my life and moved to St. Helena. It’s my year in the wine country, and I love being part of this serene little community. I’m a city girl, but I grew up in a small town, and perhaps I’ve come full circle. I joined the Chamber and a bocce team, and I’m fascinated by the constant activity and changing seasons in the vineyards on my daily bike rides.

Travel is my opiate, fueling a passion for politics

I’ve always taken a yearly “serious” vacation—I’m fascinated by other cultures. When I visit a country and see how the people live, I become a stakeholder. I was in Croatia right after the war in the Balkans and Israel during the Intifada. I walked across the border from Egypt because the bus driver refused to drive any further. In both of these war-torn countries, I saw bullet-scarred buildings and the fear that permeated people’s lives. It is in this way that you begin to understand the power of politics. This year?  I’m off to Argentina—there’s something about the romance of tango . . .


This is Dolly, also a huge Giants fan.