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top of mind marketing: the end of third party cookies, according to google

Will Google Really Put an End to Third-Party Cookies by 2022?

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Or how they remember the languages we speak, the items in our carts, and other key things that make our online experiences seamless? They’re using cookies to remember these details. I’m in Istanbul right now, and when I go to sites I use all the time, sometimes they’re in Turkish. My laptop auto-adjusts to Turkey time—not PDT. All the ads are in Turkish. A little bit creepy, but also amazing. It’s cookies, hard at work.

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top of mind Marketing: Apple rolls out new privacy controls

Apple Rolls Out New App Privacy Controls

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With the new IDFA, we’ll get a prompt asking for our consent to track us–known as app tracking transparency (ATT). These prompts that will be displayed in all iOS (Apple) apps are expected to see many users switching off data tracking altogether. If you’re doing online advertising, this could have serious consequences.

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top of mind marketing increase web traffic with discipline and attention to details. Pay attention to keywords

Nine Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic

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eyword research. Research helps you identify the keywords that appeal to your target audience. There is a number of tools from which to choose. Ubersuggest is very easy to use, and there are third-party applications that come with a pricetag. I like Google’s Keyword Planner because it’s free, comprehensive, and it aligns with Google products.

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