Better Blogging Tip: Don’t Forget to Add Images

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Better Blogging Tip: Don’t Forget to Add Images

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Alt tags are an important part of optimizing your images.

I’m bullish on blogging—it’s great for SEO and it positions you as an industry expert. There are a few things you can do to optimize your posts and enhance the chances of someone’s reading them and better yet–sharing them with other readers and ultimately contacting you. Get some mileage out of your content. A steady series of thoughtful blogs is also a great way create content to repurpose in a newsletter or on social media. Think about also taking a series of blogs on a particular topic, formatting them, adding some snappy graphics and creating an ebook.

Another way to optimize your blog? Add images

For starters, we all love to be entertained, and 300-500 words of text (the recommended number of words for good SEO value) can be a little formidable. Even if you break up the page with subtitles and bullets—and you should—you need to add an image(s). It can help enhance your message, and it provides visual contrast. The reality: It takes more than text–you need an image to draw your reader in.

Making the most of images in your blogs

Search engines don’t make any sense of images, per se. But they are an important part of your search engine optimization strategy—if you’re not doing the following, you’re missing some opportunities to create SEO value with the images you routinely add to your blogs.

Images can be optimized by placing keywords in the following areas:

  1. Add captions on or below the images
  2. Image file nameuse your keywords when you name the file
  3. Image title and alt tags
  4. Add text links to the images

Remember that it’s these little things–cumulatively these will make a difference. Don’t stop there. Post that blog to your social media sites, especially to Linkedin. Be patient. It won’t happen overnight, but you will find that you will start showing up in search engines. As your name starts showing up with informative, compelling blogs, people will begin to realize that you are clearly an industry thought leader. This is what content marketing’s all about.

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