top of mind marketing case studies

Demonstrate how you solve problems for your clients with case studies. They’re powerful!

As successful business owners, we become problem-solvers, helping our clients develop strategies that get more clients, help them work more efficiently and grow revenues. Case studies are a valuable asset—they prove your effectiveness. In addition to demonstrating success, the real-life stories are often something with which potential clients can identify. If they’re facing the same kind of problems, you’re going to look like a hero.

Don’t stop with your case studies page

I’m a huge proponent of repurposing content. Post case study excerpts to social media, highlight case studies in your blogs and newsletters. Post this to Linkedin as a publication and share with any groups to which you belong. Make your content work for you.

One more thing . . . 

As an SEO specialist, case studies are also a great way to add fresh content to your website, helping improve search engine rankings. I encourage my clients to develop a case study once they’ve completed every client project.

Just as I encourage my clients to use case studies to demonstrate how they solve problems for their clients, I’ve developed several formats for case studies—one page is for some quick snapshots, and the other page provides detailed descriptions of how I’ve helped my clients.