Case Study: A Website Rehab

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Aftermath of the webguy who disappeared into his mancave


Case Study: A website Rehab Project by Top of Mind Marketing

I’m working with a client who launched a website three years ago that was never fully realized. Empty pages, bad graphics, her branding all over the place–3 different taglines. Her web guy wished her well, disappeared into his developer mancave, and she hasn’t touched her site since.

She wonders why her she’s not getting any leads from her website, so we spent some time analyzing its component parts:

  • Her metadescriptions are laughable. For her homepage, there is some kind of meaningless address—she completely forfeited the opportunity to use her keywords and to describe what she does.
  • She never filled out the fields for Yoast, a WordPress plugin that increases SEO value.
  • There’s no lead capture on her site, so she had no idea who’s going to her site and looking at her listings so she can follow up with them.
  • The call to action is not self-evident and there’s no clearly defined value statement.

A website is not magic

If you want your website to work for you, it requires a thoughtful strategy and a lot of work to make sure the building blocks are in place. Like your garden, it requires constant care and if it is going to flourish and deliver for you. It’s worth the investment. For many small businesses, this is their primary marketing tool on which they often spend way too much money and have very little to show for it.

What’s next: keyword research

We’re going to invest in a few hours of keyword research to identify keywords and keyword phrases that might be good for her to be using in her blogs. More important, we might want these keywords to become standalone landing pages on her site, with fully fleshed out content. These new landing pages would be targets for anyone who would be keying those keyword/phrase into a search engine.

She’s going to go through her site and create metadescriptions for all pages and flesh out the Yoast fields. This will significantly boost her SEO value.

An examination of existing content

Landing page length is important—300+ words. People are reluctant to have a lot of content on their sites because they don’t to overwhelm their audience. But it’s that keyword-rich content that helps search engines find you. Search engines don’t rank short pages well.

Two audiences

To keep in mind: you really have two audiences–search engines that draw your potential clients to your site and those potential clients. If the search engines did their part in bringing clients to your site, you also need to provide a compelling reason for them to want to contact you. Just talking about your services is not going to be enough. You need to be sharing case studies that position you as an expert problem-solver. Provide examples that show how you work with your clients–this is what’s powerful–it positions you as an expert with whom people want to work.

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