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top of mind marketing ai apps

AI Apps: Find Out Why We’re Not There Yet

As a writer, an SEO or digital marketer, it’s easy to feel threatened by the flood of ai writing software hitting the market. They promise to create long-form content in seconds, replacing the articles we’d be laboring over for most of a morning, afternoon or longer. Instant snappy headlines and social media posts that capture the attention of our audience? Not a problem. Research some quick statistics? Coming right up. Are these AI writers too good to be true? In a word, “yes”.

top of mind marketing content curation

Content Curation 2023: 6 Benefits and Why It Still Matters

Building a strong online presence starts with good content. If it’s a really great article we don’t really care who writes it—and that’s the beauty of curated content. It’s still relevant, still a great way to build your brand and build relationships. It’s still a way to be recognized as a thought leader because we still love thoughtful content that inspires us.

top of mind marketing: creating a persona and making it real

How to Create a Persona and Find Your Ideal Customer

A user persona is a term that keeps popping up in articles about content marketing. A persona is a detailed description of someone who represents your demographic definition. While your persona is fictional, it’s based on your own research into what your existing and/or desired audience looks like. You’re identifying your ideal customer.

top of mind marketing creating a pillar page content strategy

How to Build High-Performing Pillar Pages to Boost SEO

Content clusters, cornerstone content and pillar pages. They’re all described as topically relevant content based on a hierarchical structure. Here’s what matters: Pillar pages are a way to organize your website’s content and create an internal linking structure so it’s easier for Google to crawl and index your site.

marketing google helpful content for better seo

Google Helpful Content Update: How to Write for Humans

Google’s helpful content update: Write for humans, not search engines

In August 2022, Google announced a search algorithm update called the “Helpful Content Update.” This was part of a larger effort to help us write more original content–people-first content that’s written for humans–not search engines.