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top of mind marketing ai content detectors

Best AI Content Detectors: Apps that flag plagiarism and rephrased content

We all strive to produce content that’s compelling, well-written. And now that we’re using AI content tools that have made content creation infinitely easier, what about the ethics?
But they’ve also made it easier for plagiarism to flourish

Can AI content detectors stay ahead of this? Are we setting ourselves up to be always one step ahead or behind the applications that detect plagiarism? This is an ethics problem that really hasn’t been adequately addressed yet, and the issue is surfacing as schools, businesses and government agencies set standards for original content—that which is generated by humans–not by machines.

top-mind marketing building us domain authority

Building U.S. Domain Authority: Best applications for your linkbuilding campaign

Selecting the right podcast topics is crucial to your podcast’s success. They should roll up to your overarching niche, but not be so narrow as to limit your growth–you need some flexibility. If you’re not sure how to do this, look at competitors or colleagues in your niche and see how they’re organizing and producing their podcasts. Pay attention to how they align with their website content and blogs.

Top of mind marketing personal crm 1

The Best Personal CRM? The one that’s rightsized for your business

We’re now a workforce of entrepreneurs that is completely mobile. We still need to stay connected. Whether riding the waves in Nazare on the Portuguese coast or tromping through the Amazon jungles, communication is more important than ever. That’s why you still need a personal CRM. But you don’t need enterprise crm apps like Salesforce or Hubspot. You need a CRM that is rightsized for your business. It needs to synch contacts and integrate with your other go-to apps.

top of mind marketing web-hosting-seo

Best Web Hosting for SEO Results

A new website starts with discussions about design–this is the sexy, fun stuff. Graphic and web designers share slick presentations of their portfolios, making it look easy to create a beautiful new website. This is before you get down to the hard stuff–writing new content, developing a navigation schematic and showing up in search engines. But there’s another important component of a website project that usually gets completely overlooked: Your server and your web hosting service. These are key players in your online presence and contribute to—or detract from–your SEO.

top of mind marketing boost organic rankings with ai apps

How to Boost Your Organic Rankings with AI-Driven Product Descriptions

A persuasive product description has the power to captivate potential customers, highlight the unique features of a product, and convince them to make a purchase. But writing great product descriptions is a skill that’s often overlooked. And while we labor over our long-form blogs, doing careful keyword research and manipulating text to make sure we’re getting the maximum SEO value, product descriptions can be an afterthought. Thankfully, AI apps are stepping in, saving time and money.

top of mind marketing organic seo isn't enough: building backlinks for improved seo

Forget Organic Search Engine Rankings and Start Building Backlinks

If you want to show up in search, you need to be building backlinks

Imagine you’ve just launched a new website for your business and are eager to watch it climb the search engine rankings. You’ve published good quality content on your website, used the right keywords, and done everything you can to make it SEO-friendly. But despite your efforts, your website is still not landing on the first page.

top of mind marketing-duplicate content and your seo

How to Stop Sabotaging Your SEO with Duplicate Content

What Is duplicate content?

Google’s definition of duplicate content is a nightmare for any website owner. It’s walking on thin ice without knowing when you will fall through. Google considers content duplicate when it appears at multiple locations or URLs online. It means that even if you have the same information on different website pages, it could still be flagged as duplicate content. Keep in mind that that duplicate content could live anywhere–on your website or someone else’s.

top of mind marketing structured data to aid in seo

How to Show Up On Google Search with Structured Data

What is structured data?

According to Google’s Introduction to Structured Data, “When information is highly structured and predictable, search engines can more easily organize and display it in creative ways.”

A good way to think about structured data is to understand that unstructured data, with which we likely are more familiar, is more free form in nature. Examples of unstructured data are our text files and photos, video and audio files. They’re our blogs and social media posts.

being top of mind off page seo is critical for effective seo strategy and showing up in search

How to Increase Your Domain Authority

A backlink is a link from one website to another—a “link back” to a site. Search engines like Google use backlinks as a ranking signal because when one website links to another, it means they believe the content is noteworthy.