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top of mind marketing boost organic rankings with ai apps

Learn How AI-Driven Product Descriptions Boost Organic Rankings

A persuasive product description has the power to captivate potential customers, highlight the unique features of a product, and convince them to make a purchase. But writing great product descriptions is a skill that’s often overlooked. And while we labor over our long-form blogs, doing careful keyword research and manipulating text to make sure we’re getting the maximum SEO value, product descriptions can be an afterthought. Thankfully, AI apps are stepping in, saving time and money.

top of mind marketing-duplicate content and your seo

How to Stop Sabotaging Your SEO with Duplicate Content

What Is duplicate content?

Google’s definition of duplicate content is a nightmare for any website owner. It’s walking on thin ice without knowing when you will fall through. Google considers content duplicate when it appears at multiple locations or URLs online. It means that even if you have the same information on different website pages, it could still be flagged as duplicate content. Keep in mind that that duplicate content could live anywhere–on your website or someone else’s.