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Starting a Business

being top of mind: voice search optimization for digital media

8 Ways to Optimize for Voice Search

We’ve been perfectly content to key our queries into subject fields for decades, but like so many other things, Covid helped change the landscape. It drove the demand for touchless devices—faucets, payments and now voice search. Voice-activated assistants are helping reduce or eliminate touch points. Analyst firm Juniper Research predicts that “nearly 8 billion digital voice assistants will be in use by the end of 2023.” That’s annual compound growth of more than 25 percent. While that’s an aggressive target, voice search is a technology that’s on the move. And our challenge is voice search optimization.

being top of mind: best free logo design software

7 Best Free Logo Design Applications 

An important part of your new business is building your brand and creating a logo. Your brand is your value in the marketplace and your relationship with your customers. Do you absolutely need a logo? Of course not, but it helps differentiate you. Designers rightfully charge a lot to design a collateral system that includes a logo, cards, folders, packaging, etc.

being top of mind, looking for turnkey website builders

4 Best Website Builders for Small Business

We took a look at four of the most popular website builders on the market today. Key evaluating criteria were ease of use and cost. We were really looking for the best turnkey websites—those that really didn’t require previous web development experience. All of the applications below are based on drag-and-drop technology and responsive web design tools. Do we have a favorite?

being top of mind: 9 meeting management tools for business

A Guide to the 8 Best Meeting Management Applications

“Zoom” has become the generic for virtual meetings. And I suspect that most of us are, indeed, using Zoom. But the applications detailed below provide a wide range of functionality. Many of these applications are free or charge a nominal rate for the paid plan (vs Zoom’s $15/month rate) It’s worth giving them a try—especially if you’re already using these applications, including Microsoft and Calendly.

being top of mind; the pink slip blues. what to do if you're being laid off

The Pink Slip Blues

Who remembers what it’s like knowing you’re going to be laid off? There are rumors and rumblings, of course. The causes are varied but generally driven by economics. It may be a matter of downsizing or organizational changes that come with mergers and acquisitions. Maybe it’s innovation initiatives and you don’t fit in. Perhaps you’ve inherited a new boss who just plain doesn’t like you. It also could be because you’re too old.