FAQs are back for a reason--easy to create, repurpose and they're great for search.

FAQs: They’re Back and They’re Powerful

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I remember the first-generation websites that we all had a lifetime ago. They were clunky and slow and had way too much poorly written content, bad navigation bit-mapped images. They also invariably had FAQs because we really didn’t know what else to include. I’ve hated FAQs ever since—I’ve always associated them with those crappy websites.

But I’m seeing a lot of FAQs these days and I like them because they’re complete workhorses. They can be repurposed, they can improve organic search rankings, and they can even be used in your AdWords campaigns. I just used these very effectively on a recent project, and they were the perfect solution—consolidating potential questions about key company services on a single page.

Key benefits of FAQs

1.FAQs can be repurposed for e-newsletters, blogs and social media

What I love most: FAQs are easy to create. They’re cost-effective content for small businesses—the crisp format means they can easily be created by in-house teams without extensive review and approval cycles. Best of all, FAQs fill a need. I love the way they can ask a question and answer it. At their best, FAQs are problem solvers, crisp, quick and succinct.

What I like even more, since I want to get as much mileage as possible out of everything I write, is that FAQs can be repurposed.

  • E-newsletters.Extract a few of the FAQs and feature them in your monthly newsletter. Ask the question, provide a brief answer, then link to your website with a Read more methodology where your audience can find out more information.
  • Social media.This is really a no-brainer. Repurpose a single question/answer on your social media sites. Be wary of lengthy posts—people are much more likely to read short and accessible posts. Edit the text or think about Asking the question and providing a link to your site with the answer.
  • Print collateral/data sheets.If you share pdf files about your services, a nicely formatted, branded pdf file of FAQs is a great addition. Selected items from your FAQs are great additions to brochures or other print collateral.

2. FAQ pages can help with organic search rankings

FAQs are workhorses when it comes to Google organic search. By using keywords in each Q&A, then linking to their corresponding product pages where you more fully develop the description, the FAQ model nearly automatically optimize themselves for search. And because they offer useful information, they can help build links over time.

 A page of thoughtful FAQs becomes a hardworking asset

FAQ pages are the unsung workhorses of content and search marketing. While any company can create and benefit from FAQ pages, they’re particularly beneficial for small manufacturers or other small companies looking for a way to quickly and easily explain what they do and answer potential questions about their operations. Easy to create and repurpose, they provide a lot of bang for your marketing buck.

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Do You Really Need a New Website? Maybe Just a Facelift Will Do . . .

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Do You Really Need a New Website? Maybe Just a Facelift Will Do . . .

You may be looking at your tired old website and think it’s the end of the line. But I just finished a bizreadybrokerslittle makeover—think of this as a facelift–for a client’s website, and it made a dramatic difference, giving it a new lease on life and a much longer lifespan.

The client: BizReady Brokers, a husband-and-wife team of smart, savvy business brokers with 50+ years of collective industry experience and a high customer service ethic. They had a canned site—a marketing company provides content and infrastructure, but gives them a lot of latitude for customization. The content feed is good, but my clients have never taken advantage of it—the last post was in 2013–or done much customization.

Later caught up with them, and their site was becoming a liability

My clients, Bob Heger and Lee Sheaffer, are not marketing people, and they launched their site without really giving much thought to SEO (search engine optimization), their marketing presence or how the site would look to a prospective client. They were happy to launch their site, relieved to be able to put their business broker hats back on. There were some problems, but they would deal with these later.

They knew their site was becoming a liability, and they asked me to help them update it. This was a simple project, and happily, some easy changes have made a dramatic difference. An irrelevant site with outdated content is now accessible, compelling and informative. It showcases Bob and Lee as the industry experts they are, has good navigation and improved SEO value.

Here’s what we did for BizReady Brokers:

  • Identified lively new images that are representative of their potential clients.
  • Updated homepage slider with these images, adding color, energy and movement to their site.
  • Rewrote their bios to showcase their wide range of experience, using their keywords throughout.
  • Added an About page that describes BizReady Brokers—another page of content to increase SEO value and highlight Lee and Bob’s services.
  • Wrote Working with BizReady Brokers page—using several case studies to illustrate how Lee and Bob work with their clients, showcasing their high level of customer service and expertise negotiating leases, dealing with government agencies, market analysis, business valuation, etc.
  • Updated testimonial page so testimonials are fully fleshed out and attractively displayed on the page.
  • Name of company turned into a logo/tagline with use of a more stylish font, creating a more distinct marketing presence.
  • Fleshed out Yoast plugin on backend to increase SEO value.
  • Added calls to action on all of their personal pages; updated contact page, removing outdated Google map.

We’re all delighted with the way this website turned out. I knew from my quick initial review that it had “good bones” and would, with very little effort, become a site that would work well for BizReady Brokers.

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