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We’ve just witnessed the most divisive election our country has ever known. We’ve never seen so much discord, such clear-cut lines of demarcation between liberals and conservatives. There is shockingly little tolerance for other people’s views and a general uneasiness about how a new administration and a dramatic change in policy will affect us. In a time of uncertainty, smart brands will work harder to connect, to create deep emotional bonds with their tribes. How can they do this? By telling stories and connecting with their audiences.

Connecting with good storytelling

Good storytelling has always been an effective way to connect with audiences, and the growing number of social media networks has given us more opportunities to reach them on an emotional level than ever before. This is when trust and relationships begin to form.

This is the time of year when we begin to look for the best holiday ads, and several brands have created ads whose messages are simple and compelling, leaving us deeply touched with the spirit of giving and the importance of spending the holidays with people we love.

Amazon is in the running with an ad about a priest and iman

They’re clearly old friends whom we see visiting with each other in the parish house. We see their sharing a hot drink, laughing and rubbing their knees. The Iman gets up to leave and they warmly embrace. After his friend leaves, the thoughtful priest has an inspiration. He pulls out his phone, goes to his Amazon app and orders something. In the next scene we see both the priest and Iman opening their packages—each had sent the other knee pads. The perfect gift for religious men who spent a considerable amount of time on their knees praying.

A Polish ad may be the best Christmas ad ever

It begins with a nice older man as he orders a book online and receives the delivery of “English for Beginners”. We see his practicing his English aloud as he goes about his daily life—on the bus, during breakfast, in the bathtub. He stares at a rubber duck, “I love you. You are perfect”. He labels his dog, his knife and fork and his toothpaste with post-it notes. He peppers his learning with phrases from action movies. When his suitcase arrives, we begin to understand why he’s learning a new language. We follow him to the airport, across the ocean and into the warm embrace of his son at the front door of his London home. When his little granddaughter emerges from her bedroom, he kneels down and says, “I am your grandpa.” This wonderful ad is by Allegro, the most popular online marketplace in Poland.

According to their spokespeople, “For years, we’ve strived to make Allegro the largest e-commerce platform in the CEE (Central and Eastern European) region, and to our customers, bring joy, touch the heart and cause a smile.”

I’ve watched this ad more times than I’ll admit, and I’m not alone. It’s gone totally viral and has now been viewed more than 11.5M times. Allegro is clearly touching a lot of hearts with this delightful ad.

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