Five Easy Ways to Supercharge Your Content Marketing Program

  1. This is an easy one—think of the endless webinars, seminars, conferences and brownbag lunches you’ve sat through. Create a blog post about key takeaways. Think about what is going to be most compelling to your reader.

    Content marketing tip: don’t be afraid to steal ideas!

  2. Subscribe to industry newsletters. Your inbox is going to swell, but set aside time each week (one quality hour) to skim through these publications. You need to keep up with what’s going on, and these fuel blogs, newsletters and social media posts when you’re running low on ideas.
  3. E-books. A book positions you as an industry expert, so publish an e-book. Take a look at your blog archive. You likely have broken these down by category; on my blog, for example, I have four categories: Social Media, SEO, Marketing Tips and Blogging. Go back through your archive and try to identify about ten good posts on one of your categories—this becomes your e-book. Sex this up with graphics–people need to be entertained these days. Be sure to include a bio, a description of your business and a great picture of yourself. This is relational. People want to know about the people with whom they’re going to be working.
  4. Steal ideas from other bloggers. Don’t be afraid to build on someone else’s ideas— elaborate, agree or disagree! Make a compelling case. Don’t be afraid of your opinions–remember that creating a dialog is what social media is all about.
  5. Create an infographic. It’s a visual world. Find a way to make your story visually accessible. Infographics should contain no more than 5-6 statistics/ points of information.

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