Four Easy Holiday Content Marketing Tips

The holidays are here and there’s way too much going on. Shopping, family, parties and trying to squeeze in the things that really matter—getting together with friends and family, taking time for those you love. That’s why we look forward to the holidays every year. But what about the work that keeps piling up on our desks? And you still have a year-end newsletter to publish, along with a blog and social media posts.


Here are a few ideas to expedite your holiday content marketing efforts:

  1. Share your holiday-specific expertise. Depending on your niche, extend your expertise on how to save money during the holiday frenzy. Or suggest ways to stay healthy or provide legal advice that applies during this time of year.
  2. Curate content. Blogging is a great way to update your website with current content, keep your name in front of your audience and provide relevant content, but let’s face it–it takes time to identify a topic, draft and refine your blog, find an image and post everything to your website and social media sites. Instead, think about content curation–the process of gathering, organizing, and sharing great content pieces that you think will resonate with your audience. Add an intro that explains why you like this article and the author and why it’s relevant.
  3. Invite guest bloggers to post to your site. Reach out to colleagues or friends whose writing you admire and ask them for a guest post—provide a few topics that are relevant. They’ll likely love the exposure and you’re going to love taking a week off. Ask them if they’d reciprocate and provide an opportunity for you to share a blog on their websites.
  4. Support a charitable organization. Use your social media or blog to support a charity. This is the time for reaching into your pockets and giving, and there are plenty of worthy organizations that will love a donation and a little extra promotion. Use hashtags to increase exposure and bring awareness to your cause.

A few more tips . . .

  • Hashtags. Do get in the habit of using hashtags with your social media posts—a great way to foster new followers and generate engagement around your campaigns.
  • Holiday images. Include a holiday-themed background image on your website—this appeals to people’s emotions and feeds into the holiday spirit.
  • Remember to have fun. This might be the time to share a funny story, feature a colleague or member of your team.

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