Hire a Pro and Get a Trusted Adviser

One of my clients called me the other day about updating his Linkedin profile and some other top of mind marketing_trusted advisermarketing materials. Like most businesses, his had evolved, and his marketing materials were no longer reflective of his company. He also wanted to talk about his overall marketing strategy and do some keyword research. I’ve worked with him in the past, am familiar with his business, so I gave him a rough estimate of how long it would take me to do this and what it would cost. He called back a few days later and told me he’d found someone to do this for $50 and asked me what I thought about this service.

You get what you pay for

Frankly, I was a little disgusted that he had the nerve to call and waste my time by asking me what I thought of this great “deal”, but I told him the truth: You get what you pay for. The $50 solution would probably okay, but this person was not going to do keyword research, carefully weaving these words into the narrative. She would probably rework the existing content rather than developing fresh examples that clearly demonstrated the client’s expertise. She wasn’t going to take the time to learn about his business, its unique challenges or the competitive landscape. I, on the other hand, worked in his industry for more than a decade, so I was also bringing significant knowledge to the project. I knew about the compliance issues that govern the industry and how those affect marketing activity.

Seasoned, experienced and savvy

This came up again a month or so ago in a meeting with a colleague. I was describing what I do, and he said, “Oh, you’re a copywriter”. Well, yes, I’m a writer, but that really diminishes me, because I do so much more. When I work with my clients, I quickly ramp up to understand their industries so that I can write about their businesses. I need to understand the competitive landscape so I can help them make informed decisions about how to spend their marketing dollars.

When you hire a professional, not the anonymous person you find online for $50, you hire someone who has graduated from college, who likely has an advanced degree and has spent years learning his/her craft. Someone who continues to study and learn, staying on top of constantly changing technology and regulations. Someone who has made the mistakes and learned from them. There is simply no substitute for a true professional’s accumulated experience, commitment and hard work. When you hire a professional, you’re getting a trusted adviser. It’s worth the investment.

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