Social media is just one component of an integrated marketing strategy. There are no overnight success stories with social media—like a 12-step program, “it works if you work it.” While it requires a lot of effort to populate social media and build a following, the upside is that this becomes your own unique community. People start listening to you, commenting on what you have to say. This becomes a very powerful medium. (Read Top of Mind Marketing’s Blog: Social Media Belongs in Every B2B Marketing Strategy)

There’s something else going on; we want to connect

Social media is blurring the lines between the personal and professional. We live crazy, stressed-out lives. We work from our home offices, hunkered down and isolated, many of us completely virtual. Yet we still want to see what potential clients and colleagues look like; we want to know about their families and their lives. We are delighted by the little things they share on their Facebook pages and timelines that make them accessible and human—the silly pet tricks, their politics, favorite sports teams, movies and books.

These insights are like little windows into people’s souls, and these are the things that make people feel connected to them and want to work with them. Once you have that connection, anything is possible. I believe that this ability to share personal thoughts, feelings and insights, to create an emotional connection, that is key to social media’s stunning success.

What we do for our social media clients:

  • Create/update accounts in Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and Yelp, including fleshing out profiles with comprehensive information about you and your business.
  • Develop posts/messages to upload to your social media sites 3-5x/week.
  • Create image archive—this is a visual medium.
  • Create an account in HootSuite, a dashboard application, which allows us to post to all of your sites at once. It also allows us to monitor your site and comment on activity during the course of the day, which keeps your post at the top of your Timeline.
  • Grow your communities in all of your social media applications—it doesn’t do any good to have a Facebook page if no one sees it.
  • Ongoing efforts: For some of our clients, we do all of the above to get them started, then they take over. For others, we completely manage their social media and charge a monthly maintenance fee.

Smart businesses are incorporating social media into their marketing plans; contact Top of Mind Marketing for a free consultation.