Landing Pages and Great Content: A Recipe for SEO

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Landing pages and great content. Not exactly sexy topics, but landing pages with good content are what draw people to your website and provide the information that makes them decide to contact you. So what is a landing page? It’s any page on which a user lands from another site; a landing page always has its own url.

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Landing pages with good content are key to effective SEO

If you’re discussing your services and you put them all on one page, you have a single landing page for services. The url would be something like This is not a very good strategy because services is way too broad a topic. A better strategy: create standalone landing pages for each service so that each has its own url—this gives each page a chance that search engines will find it.

On my site, for example, I have landing pages for my services:, marketing, etc. In this way, if someone keys in content marketing, I will be competing with the gazillions of other people who are content marketers, but I have better chance of showing up in search engines than if I were just discussing content marketing, as one of many topics, on my Services page.

Standalone landing pages for each product/service

In general, you want to have standalone landing pages for each product and service, but that’s just the beginning. Think about your business, then think about what people would be keying into search engines to find you. This is a very good way to be thinking about identifying landing pages on your site. For my clients I like to use Google Adwords to do keyword research. This doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to be doing an ad; rather, for this exercise, we’re trying to identify keywords and keyword phrases that are popular that we might want to use not only as landing pages but also incorporate into the content on our sites to attract search engines.

Many people underestimate the importance of good web content

Not only does good content help your site show up in a search, but it’s content that provides the forum to showcase your expertise. As a business owner, people want to know about your background, training and experience. I always recommend providing case studies to demonstrate how you work with your clients. We all want to be recognized as problem-solvers, and real-life scenarios are a great way to highlight your skills.

Your website: addressing two audiences–search engines and potential clients

You need to be playing to search engines so that people will find your site, but once they land on it, there must be something compelling to make them want to stay and learn more—and ultimately contact you. Your website says so much about you—your ability to write, organize information and exhibit a high level of professionalism. In many cases, it carries the weight of a first introduction and first impression—you may only get this one opportunity, so make it count.

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