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I’m bullish on blogging and one of my favorite platforms these days is Linkedin. I started posting my weekly blog on Linkedin about six months ago and am delighted to be reaching a whole new audience with this marketing channel.

Who knew?

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By repurposing your blog to Linkedin, you’re reaching a whole new audience

What’s surprising is how many people don’t know about this forum. This isnot to be confused with posting an update to Linkedin—the same kind of post that you’d be making to Facebook or Linkedin. Rather, this is your blog in its entirety. Go to your Linkedin homepage you’ll see a little icon with a square and a pencil—the universal symbol for editing. Click on this icon and it opens up a field for you to paste your blog, identify keywords, upload an image and publish it.

Post your blog and get picked up on Pulse

Once you’ve published your blog, you are eligible to be picked up in Linkedin’s Pulse—its weekly online bulletin that includes a randomized selection of blogposts that Linkedin believes are relevant for a wide range of its readers. I look forward to Linkedin’s Pulse every week—there is generally an interesting mix of blogs, often from people I know, sometimes from people I just want to know—a great entrée to reach out.

Who does Pulse reach: The exposure is impressive

This is where it becomes important to be building your Linkedin connections. The bigger your community—and everyone else’s—the larger the potential audience if your blog gets picked up on Pulse. Think about this: if there are ten blogs and each author has 2,000 connections (not unlikely—I pay attention to this, and the people who get picked up regularly on Pulse are big-time networkers), you are potentially reaching 10,000 people. This is a content marketing homerun—just by repurposing your blog to another marketing channel.

Other benefits of posting your blog to Linkedin

You are also able to get metrics on who has been reading your blog—people can Like and comment and you can begin a dialog. One more thought about Linkedin—smart professionals are using Linkedin these days. Facebook has become silly and it’s very difficult to get your post to the top of a newsfeed without paying to Boost it. Linkedin is where people are going to prospect—they’re looking to see whom they know who knows someone they want to know and asking for an introduction. It’s also a smart place to be doing PPC ads—the granularity lends itself to a very targeted campaign—you can drill down by industry, company and even job title.

One final thought—who gets picked up on Pulse?

They tend to be topics that are relevant for the masses. I’ve had a lot better getting my clients’ blogs picked up than my own, but I’m not giving up. I love this forum!

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