Remember When We Talked About Brand? It’s Still Your Most Important Marketing Tool

Your brand distinguishes you from your competitors

What is your single most important marketing tool—is it your website, social media, blog or newsletter? Wrong on all of the above. It’s your brand—something we talked about in the old days—before social media and the latest app monopolized conversations.

Your logo is an important part of your branding—it’s worth spending money working with a graphic designer to develop a unique look and feel for your business—it will help you stand out from the crowd. But your brand transcends your logo to include a wide range of attributes—you want to be perceived as someone who is smart, trustworthy and clever, skilled at creative problem-solving, consistently exceeding expectations. These are all worthy brand attributes.

Brand consistency
Brand is all about recognition. You want people to recognize your style and your work. Every article and post contributes to the way you are perceived in the marketplace. With the growth of content marketing, when everyone is expected to be a rock-star writer, your writing style is key. Are you opinionated and a little bit edgy? If so, go for it—this is part of your brand—but be prepared for people to either like or dislike you for those opinions.

Making sure that your brand is represented with the same voice and tone throughout all of your communication channels, both print and electronic, is critical. If someone begins to read an article or blog posts and immediately recognizes that you’re the author, you’ve succeeded in creating a recognizable brand.

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