SEO: Use Google Adwords to Develop Keyword Strategies

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Using Google Adwords


Use Google Adwords to identify the competition on keywords

Let’s demystify using Google Adwords to develop keyword strategies. If you don’t have an account, go to Google and create one. Log in you’ll see a question that says, “What would you like to do?” In the field where it says: “products and services”, key in likely keywords for your business. Mine would be words like marketing, social media, internet marketing, writer, digital media, etc. Google Adwords is used when people are creating online ads, so it shows what the competition is for these words, which helps drive the price for an ad. Forget about the ad—we just want to see what the competition is. Let’s do some Google Adwords searches to identify the monthly search results:

  • Internet marketing: 52,720
  • Social marketing: 101,810
  • Business marketing: 23,750
  • Marketing consultant: 15,280
  • Marketing services: 26,460—but marketing planning is 101,400!
  • Marketing consulting firm: 880

What to do with keyword research findings?

From this brief exercise, I learned that there’s a lot of competition for social marketing (101,810) and not so much for marketing consulting firm (880). How might I use this information? If I were building a new website, I would give serious thought to creating a standalone landing page for Marketing Consulting Firm. This page would be at least 300 words and use that keyword phrase 6+ times on the page. If I’d been thinking about creating pages for Internet Marketing or Social Marketing, I would rethink these words.

Use keywords in blogs and social media posts

While a very preliminary study, this example gives you an idea of how to search—and more important—how to use the information from Google Adwords research. You want to be doing more comprehensive research to come up with other words and phrases that might be advantageous to be using in your blog and social media posts as well as on your website. I keep a list of these words handy so I can reference them when I’m working on client projects.

Keyword research is an important part of every online marketing project at Top of Mind Marketing. If your website is not mobile-enabled, we’d love to talk with you. We build websites that show up on search engines!

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