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Simplified AI: Is This the Everything App We’ve Been Looking For?

Simplified AI: Is This The Everything App We’ve Been Looking For?

It’s November 2023, and ChatGPT celebrates its first birthday. I’m doing some research on AI marketing tools. I recently reviewed Quillbot, which is impressive. It calls itself a paraphrasing tool, but it does so much more. These applications have come a long way in the last year or so, and I want the most functionality for my money. It’s challenging because each app has unique strengths and limitations, and there’s a lot of duplication.

I’ve been reviewing, and it just may win the Everything App Sweepstakes for 2023. It clearly was a big hit in 2022—its website showcases a bunch of awards it won in 2022. Simplified’s AI Writer creates copy in seconds, giving unique and plagiarism-free content.

  • 70+ AI templates are available for high-quality content creation, including business bios, Facebook ads, product descriptions, and more.
  • The long-form writer feature helps users write faster and includes tools for improving their copy.
  • The Copy AI rewriter tool allows users to improve or rewrite copy for various purposes.

Simplified AI is also a video maker/editor

Upload your branding assets and create your brand kit that integrates with all of the other features, seamlessly updating them with your branding attributes. Manage your social media and create graphics and slick presentations—all of this in one application.

Ease of use and functionality

Simplified AI design tools empower users to create stunning designs without the need for extensive design skills or technical knowledge. One really attractive feature is integration across all of its tools. A “Magic Resizer” resizes designs so they scale for different formats—social media posts, flyers, banners, etc.

Since my primary need is for an AI long-form writer, that was the first thing I looked at. Simplified AI has a tool for custom training individual ChatGPT AI Chatbots. This is a step-by-step guide to train Simplified AI on your own data. The benefits? You’ll be getting vastly improved search results if the chatbot understands your data. It will get rid of the fluff and generic responses because it understands your environment. The results will be closer to what you want—long form articles that require less rewriting and formatting.

Simplified AI: Templates to ease of use

Simplified AI’s templates are thoughtfully divided according to the way they’ll be used, which will help users quickly write content. There’s a variety of templates—for social media copy, presentations, memes, blog ideas and blog conclusion paragraphs.

A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated

There’s a template for nearly everything, which translates to quick turnaround. We’re seeing more of this specialization these days on all AI applications—it’s helping users gain more agility across the online space. In this screenshot, note in Simplified’s featured tools the Explain a Concept to a Three-Year-Old tool.

top of mind marketing simplified AI tool

There’s an AI carousel presentation-maker and one specifically for Amazon product listings. The blog tool works the same way as other AI content tools—identify keywords to create an outline, then generate an article. In the sidebar there’s a link to ChatGPT, a plagiarism checker and all of these templates.

One more thing about templates—Simplified AI also wants us to think of this as a graphics application, so there are templates for things as mundane as print collateral–business cards and presentation folders.

AI marketing tools: A brandbook

Simplified AI has a Brandbook. Upload your assets, which will include your logo, images, tagline, fonts, color palette, etc., and you can seamlessly access these when you’re ready to insert them into a presentation, video or other marketing effort.

These brand kits leverage Simplified AI to provide businesses with a comprehensive set of branding assets. AI-powered brand kits ensure that brands remain consistent and recognizable across various marketing materials, websites, and social media platforms. This not only saves time but also enhances consistent brand identity and customer recognition.

Simplified AI has a video editor

Simplified AI video makers are revolutionizing the way videos are created. These applications leverage AI algorithms to automate the video creation process that includes editing, color grading and adding special effects. This saves time but also enables those with limited video editing skills to create professional-looking videos. Moreover, Simplified AI videomaker comes with video templates, making it easier for users to create engaging, professional and visually appealing videos in minutes. Think Instagram and quick little videos to use on social media. I made one of these that was adorable in less than an hour—including multiple edits!

A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated

Start with a still image and turn it into an animated gif. As in this  screenshot, you can animate anything in this application, including anmated memes.

AI for content creation

Simplified AI design tool can automatically generate layout options for a website or provide intelligent suggestions for color combinations. This not only speeds up the design process but empowers those with limited design knowledge to create professional-looking designs. With the rise of AI, design tools are becoming more powerful and accessible.

In my very unscientific testing, I’d already gone through my allocated free credits, so I couldn’t download the little presentation and video I created, but here’s what Simplified can do.

A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated

The video producer is really easy to use. These are all little templates with a lot of functionality. They have 4-5 images in each unit, and you can swap these out with your own graphics and branding from the brand kit that you already created. Change colors, fonts and messaging. Add music. Either use the images that Simplified AI provides or upload your own. Create subtitles or change templates and start over with a whole new look.


The pricing for Simplified is pretty loosey-goosey, which totally annoys me. The prices for the free and the pro versions are in the screenshot below. For the free version, you get 2K words. I can blow through that with a single blog, so even with all of the cool AI templates and other features, this won’t work for me. So I can upgrade to $12/mo, which gives me all these features, but I already subscribe to an AI writer that does most of this without the learning curve.

But I have to get a little snarky. It’s really hard to figure out what it costs for the video and design components. Click on Pricing, and the screen dances around but won’t drill down and show the breakdown for individual pricing modules. Very annoying. 

Siimplified AI everything tool

Here’s where it gets elusive. For the sexy features—the animated presentation and video creation and editing modules, it’s a pay-as-you-go plan. You buy credits and deduct from the balance. When you run out, you buy more credits. These can get expensive.

Some thoughts on pricing

Simplified AI does a superb job of combining a wide array of content creation and design features in one application. There are lots of other good AI content apps on the market for approximately the same price, including Writesonic, and ChatGPT. I don’t believe any other AI application also offers graphic design and video production capabilities from within the same application. This feature may make it unique—for now. This industry is moving fast.

A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated

As per this screenshot, each of these tools has a number of templates

The convenience of having this all live within the same application makes Simplified AI a very attractive option. I’ve not done a thorough cost-benefit analysis of what it would cost to just pay for the graphics and video plans on Simplified—or if this is even possible. If you’re going to be working with video and graphics, the application might be an excellent fit for you. 

The Benefits

  • Save time. Simplified AI reduces the time and effort required to develop marketing materials. Use the same design and resize/repurpose it across all of your collateral.
  • Streamline workflow. If you use the Video and graphics features, you will be centralizing all of your AI marketing functions in one application. This makes Beatiful.AI a very attractive option. There are some other very cool features that make this app appealing—the ability to size the same graphics for different formats or creating a brand kit that’s always accessible to insert into graphics, articles, videos, etc.
  • Collaborate with your team. Simplified AI has the ability to share materials with members of your team. Designate roles and create access levels to include people outside the organization. Share drafts with your team with the ability to comment.

Conclusion: The future of Simplified AI and other AI marketing apps

The rise of apps like Simplified AI is transforming the landscape of AI technology. With its user-friendly approach, simplified AI is making AI accessible to a wider audience, paving the way for the ultimate ‘everything app’. The integration of simplified AI into our daily lives will become more seamless, enhancing efficiency and convenience. The integration of Simplified AI into video creation, brand kits, and design tools means that we can create professional results with minimal skills, training and effort.

Simplified AI demonstrates that AI-powered ‘everything apps’ have become indispensable tools for both individuals and businesses. The challenges include ethical considerations and data privacy as these apps compete for market share.

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