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AI Presentation Software Review: Slidebean Designed For Startups

AI Presentation Software Review: Slidebean Designed For Startups

For those who are tired of trying and failing to make PowerPoint work (Master pages have always been elusive for me), it’s time to embrace the new generation of presentation software that auto-generates a slide deck. Slidebean takes it a step further, helping businesses think strategically about their presentation development process.

Slidebean has an intuitive platform and robust features enable startups to streamline the process of crafting impactful presentations. Unlike traditional slide design tools, Slidebean’s user-friendly interface and predesigned templates let teams focus on content and storytelling rather than formatting and design. Slidebean’s approach has redefined the standards for visual communication, making it accessible and efficient for individuals and businesses.

What sets Slidebean apart? An emphasis on the financials

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Slidebean wants to be more than just an application-provider. It’s helping startups and other businesses think how they should be showcasing themselves in their pitchbooks, proposals, nonprofit grants, etc. Among its tools are a financial modeling, an AI Business Assistant and an Investment Tracker.

top of mind marketing slidebean presentations

For separate fees there are courses and a knowledge base, a financial modeling course for startups for $249. It’s a one-week workshop to create investor-proof projections. It will help users estimate their capital fundraising needs and track KPIs.

Slidebean pitch deck: 100+ presentation templates

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Slidebean has a library of 100+ presentation templates. They’re divided according to industry need—pitchbooks, business, marketing, sales, academia, etc. I clicked on the Basic template to see the layout of the slides, I clicked on a little popup that told me to “share your deck with your team, investors, collaborators, etc., then find out who’s viewed your deck, for how long, which slides had more engagement and more!”

This is clearly designed to be more than just a slide deck. By linking to data, Slidebean is positioning itself to be an integral part of a company’s sales and marketing infrastructure.

How Slidebean works

AI-Powered Design: Slidebean utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically design and format your slides. This software suggests layouts, color schemes, and font combinations that are visually appealing and professional. Like other organizations that are launching this new generation of presentation slides, Slidebean’s decks are polished, designed to keep branding elements consistent throughout the presentation.

Slidebean uses AI to go beyond design and assists with content creation. It helps you craft persuasive narratives, suggests data visualization options, and offers insights to engage your audience. Providing assistance throughout the entire presentation creation process helps set Slidebean apart from the other new AI presentation applications.

Slidebean pitch deck: Building a presentation

Here’s how it works: In order to create a presentation, users fill out a few pages’ worth of requirements—actually, it was a lot of pages. These include your company name and branding, fields for a company overview and bios for your team. Users need to provide information about financials, company history, etc. Slidebean uses this information to auto-create your deck. When you’re through, you click on a button to review it, and instead of being presented with your new deck, you get an offer subscribe to Slidebean @ $149/year.

Whoa! What happened to the “free to get started” model?

So this is really annoying. It’s not the price, which is in line with most of the other AI writer, website and presentation apps hitting the market these days. But I’m a really hands-on user. I’m reviewing a lot of applications, and I’ve gotten used to the “free to get started” model that has become the norm.

I like being able to see how an application works before making a commitment. Unfortunately, Slidebean doesn’t work that way. There’s no way to build a little presentation for myself to review accessibility, add new pages, edit them, import images and swap out the theme.

top of mind marketing slidebean presentations

I really would have liked to try on some of those 100+ themes and mocked up a little deck for myself just to see what it looked like. Since I had filled out a gazillion fields, I should have been rewarded with a look at the presentation. But I wasn’t ready to fork over $149 just to find out!

Despite not having a free trial, Slidebean has some very good features

Slidebean recognizes the importance of collaboration. It offers real-time collaboration features that allow multiple team members to work on the same presentation simultaneously. This is a need-to-have in our virtual work environment. With features like commenting and version control, Slidebean ensures seamless collaboration.

Slidebean is a consultant, working with startups to provide pitch deck and startup fundraising and consulting services for Pre-Seed to Series B companies. For additional fees, Slidebean provides a knowledge base and a series of courses.

Slidebean’s dedicated to guiding startup founders in the rocky journey of starting and growing a company—specifically those who are looking for investors. That’s why there is such a big emphasis pitch decks and financial modeling. I worked at an investment banking firm in San Francisco, and I know firsthand how hard it is for startups to stabilize and get on track to secure funding. Many startups have great ideas, but it requires financial rigor to be successful.


Slidebean is the new generation of AI presentation software specifically designed for startups, with an emphasis on financials.

  • With an accessible interface and drag-and-drop technology, it’s effortless for users to create stunning presentations.
  • Slidebean acts as a consultant, working with startups to provide pitch deck and startup fundraising and consulting services.
  • Slidebean will do the work for you. They will write, design and model your pitch deck
  • For an additional fee, Slidebean offers courses in financial modeling and other topics.
  • The downside for some may be that it doesn’t offer a free trial. For those who like to try out an app before making a commitment, this can be a deal breaker.

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