Struggling to come up with blog ideas? Make it easy on yourself and steal them!

I’ve become bullish on blogging
It’s great for SEO, and I just read a stat stating that 79% of companies that have a blog report a blogpositive ROI for inbound marketing in 2013. Now Linking posts may be the easiest way to drive traffic and produce good blog content.

How linking posts works.
You likely subscribe to trade journals that have any number of excellent articles about what’s going on in your industry. I subscribe to quite a few, and many have articles that are informative and compelling. Scour the publications you receive on a regular basis for articles that will be of interest to your audience, then poach them by summarizing the articles and publishing them to your blog.

It’s not exactly stealing . . .
This isn’t stealing, exactly—do credit the source and the author, but don’t stop there. Comment on that article. Take a stand. Agree or disagree—I never met anyone who doesn’t have an opinion and isn’t eager to share it, so here’s your opportunity. Add an anecdote or case study that elaborates on your topic. Telling a story is a wonderful way to engage your readers.

In this way, someone else’s ideas become a launching pad for your blog. The interesting part is how it relates to you and your experience or business. The most important part is drawing in your audience—which is what content marketing is all about. 

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