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Best AI Content Detectors: Apps that flag plagiarism and rephrased content

We all strive to produce content that’s compelling, well-written. And now that we’re using AI content tools that have made content creation infinitely easier, what about the ethics?
But they’ve also made it easier for plagiarism to flourish

Can AI content detectors stay ahead of this? Are we setting ourselves up to be always one step ahead or behind the applications that detect plagiarism? This is an ethics problem that really hasn’t been adequately addressed yet, and the issue is surfacing as schools, businesses and government agencies set standards for original content—that which is generated by humans–not by machines.

being top of mind: ai content tools will save time

AI Tools: Choose The 5 Best AI Content Writers

Something to keep in mind: AI content writers are not there yet

AI content may be grammatically correct, but the content produced by these tools is stiff and generic. It lacks the examples, case studies and personal experience that keeps audiences reading to the end. You can’t really rely on AI writers alone to produce and publish your content for you. We still need human intervention to create a good content.

being top of mind, chatbot chatgpt has everyone talking for a reason. It's great!

AI Apps 2023: Changing the Paradigm

There’s a reason why everyone talking about the chatbot ChatGPT—it’s amazing! ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate realistic-sounding conversations and content.

ChatGPT is fast–like really fast. When I started using this, I found myself laughing out loud. If you’re using ChatGPT, you’ll be having real-life conversations. This bot can answer questions, draft your emails and apparently write code, though I can’t verify that one.