Absolutely a pleasure to work with! Dedicated, thorough, proactive, responsive, and extremely talented -  Janet's marketing expertise is a true asset to our company - so glad to have her as part of our team.

Alex E.

Janet just completed a new web site for my business "Upvalley Notary on the Go". As a simple one product business, I needed a simple "quick message" web site. DONE. It is already attracting new clients; one called from L.A. today to book a signing for her Mom who lives in St Helena. She said she found me on Yelp. Janet was patient to guide me thru the process and followed up with me to be sure everything went as promised. I'm recommending her Company to all of my friends.

Bill R.

Wish I had listened to her more. Janet's grasp of consumer tastes, preferences, current trends and understanding of how to create compelling public communications is based on real-world career experience.

1) Listen to what she says
2) Let her have the freedom to do what she thinks is best at all times.

Alan S.

I have had the pleasure of working of Janet on a number of projects in the past six years.  In every instance, I’ve been impressed with her attention to detail and superb ability to successfully manage a project.  Whether it’s a website or a marketing campaign, Janet always takes extreme care to plan to the finest detail.  I’ve never needed to do any guesswork when working on a project with Janet: she lays out exactly what’s necessary to complete the project to the specifications and satisfaction of all involved.  Janet is also an excellent content writer and is skilled at creating clear, exciting, and engaging copy for all kinds of subjects

Ryan L.

I can confidently recommend Janet Peischel to anyone needing to share their marketing message to the world. She had an inate way of writing SEO, website and marketing content that gets right to the point and sounds as if you wrote it yourself.

Janet met with me at the beginning of this year where we analyzed how I was spending my marketing time and advertising dollars. She made some terrific dollar-saving recommendations and is now my go-to person for help implementing them. I get tons of compliments on my newsletter every time we publish it. It has increased my visibility and credibility. I can’t wait for our next brain-storming session to plan the next newsletter

Kathy B.

For the past two years, Janet has been assisting Coppia Communications as well as clients/colleagues of mine and does outstanding work. Janet is a writer and social media specialist.  As a writer, she is producing newsletters for a number of small business clients in a range of industries. As a digital media specialist, she manages social media for clients according to their needs. For some, she completely manages this, creating profiles, developing messaging, identifying images and linking to articles that are appropriate for their audience.

Janet is professional, highly effective, creative and humble. It has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with her. I take my clients and referrals very seriously. Janet continues to earn my trust, respect and appreciation

Allison T.

I had the pleasure of meeting Janet a few weeks ago to learn more about her services and what could be done to help improve my company’s visibility.

 She took the time to learn about my company and what we are trying to accomplish. Needless to say, she did a great job understanding how we work and came up with great concepts and processes to get started.

Scott B.

Janet is an incredible marketer..she recently wrote my company news letter  She has  a great eye and is an incredible writer. If you want increases exposure, call Janet.

Michelle G.

Janet is truly amazing. She knew where my business needed a jumpstart and got to work. She created a dynamite landing page for FB, helped improve my SEO for my site, upgraded my email newsletter and helped me look so professional in a variety of online areas. I am thrilled with her efficiency, with her friendly and fun demeanor. I highly recommend her if you need any marketing help. She is the BEST!

Steve A.

Working with you could not have been easier or more pleasant. Thank you for your
suggestions and inspiration!

Janet is a rock star when it comes to keeping one’s business top of mind.  She is a gifted writer and has this incredible ability to craft newsletters that fit each business owner to a “T”.  For making your business visible in a professional yet very unique way, call on Janet!

Isabelle C.

This is a great partnership—we’re not just improving our writing, but Janet’s really also helping us improve our overall culture and prefessionalism. In the year that we’ve been working together, we’ve increased our web referrals by nearly 50%. Thank you very much!


Ian D.

Janet is brilliant! I hired her to help me develop marketing for my color consulting business for social media as well as my messaging to my clients. She listens very well and clearly understands her clients and their businesses. She turns a basic message into magic! And she is FAST! Working with Janet is a MUST for any business owner (large or small) to move your business forward and attract many customers. You are getting HUGE value for the dollar when you are working with Janet!

Chris H

Janet has done some killer writing for me and she has even done it in a pinch, I am lucky to say! She is really great at getting the message across in a way for her readers to jump right in and really see the picture that she is painting with her words.

Tiffany S.
Dynamic Staffing