The Big Super Bowl Winner? Budweiser, Of Course!

The Big Super Bowl Winner? Budweiser, Of Course!


This little puppy stole our hearts

I hunkered down with my little family—Jim and Dolly, our yellow lab—to watch the Super Bowl. Disappointed in the Patriots for staging the cheesy Deflategate, I nevertheless was delighted that Belichick and Brady prevailed over the dreaded Seahawks; I’m even more delighted not to have to listen to Richard Sherman for at least another eight months.

The SuperBowl is not always just about the game

This year was a terrific competition, yet as a marketer, I always look forward to the ads—big money, big audience and generally some big blunders. Some failed attempts to be clever, a few successful efforts to inspire—who didn’t want to climb on board Estella’s Brilliant Bus, and we were all inspired by the courage of a little boy with prosthetic legs, engineered by Microsoft.

But for another year, Budweiser was the big winner

Count on Budweiser to go for the gut. That adorable little puppy they trot out every year—it’s not an accident. The details change, but the story remains the same. Every dog owner was caught up in the story of that little puppy being faced down by a wolf, then rescued by those magnificent Clydesdales. Who doesn’t love a fairytale?

But we’re not through yet: Budweiser followed up with another brilliant ad

Bud—everyman’s beer, not meant to be fussed over. “There’s only one Bud. Let them sniff and taste . . . this is a beer for those who like to drink beer. The perfect beer for whatever happens.” This ad poked fun at all of those beer snobs who drink those fancy craft beers. Bud is made right here in the USA for real Americans. The perfect message for this most American of sporting events, the Super Bowl.

 The Big Super Bowl Winner? Budweiser, Of Course!

As marketers, our challenge is to define our audience and target our message. The Super Bowl is the most-watched TV event of the year–last year, 111.5M viewers watched the Seahawks tromp the Broncos. I’d bet a big portion of those people are dog lovers, and a sizeable group are Bud drinkers—real beer drinkers. Just give them a Bud, “the perfect beer for whatever happens”. No wonder Annheuser Busch drops a lot of money on Super Bowl ads—this is a smart marketing spend because they’re hitting their target with emotionally charged messages that we remember–which is what it’s all about.

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