Want Better Search Engine Rankings? Pay Attention To Your Metatags!

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The link is to Top of Mind Marketing; the metatag is the description of what we do–we’re writers and content marketing experts

Metatags–they try to make these and keywords more confusing than they are. But if you want better search engine rankings, it’s time to pay attention to
metatags. When you key something into a search engine, the resulting page that is served up includes a series of links with descriptions beneath them. The links are generally the companies that provide the product or service for which you seeking information; it’s the description that’s going to determine which link you’re going to click on first. Clearly, metatags have a lot of power.

An example
I keyed in writer/SEO/marketing/Berkeley and my Top of Mind Marketing Yelp review showed up on the first page of a Google search. (Thanks to all my clients for wonderful reviews!) Top of Mind Marketing is a link, but the description below it states that I have 13 reviews and provides a great snapshot of one of those reviews. This is some pretty great free advertising.

I did another search with different keywords and, happily, my website showed up again on the first page. Top of Mind Marketing linked to my homepage, and the description describes what I do—“we’re first and foremost writers and we totally get content marketing. It’s always our goal to make our clients sound like the industry experts they are.”

Your site will see a noticeable improvement if you develop effective metatags. Think strategically: each meta description should be around 160 characters, should include natural keyword phrases and a call to action.

Something to think about: if you don’t develop good metatags Google will replace the description with its own, and really, don’t you think you know more about your business better than Google does?

Are you struggling with SEO, keywords and metatags? Contact Janet Peischel at Top of Mind Marketing. We’re SEO and content marketing experts.

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