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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become a key component of today’s marketing strategies, and it’s a significant departure from traditional marketing efforts. It creates strategic plans and attracts new customers by driving brand conversation on numerous digital channels. These digital channels can range from email to a wide range of mobile applications.

Digital marketing has become popular because of these key advantages:

  1. It’s measurable
  2. Digital marketing is affordable—even with pay-per-click advertising, we can control the spend.
  3. The speed to customer market is immediate.
  4. Engagement by your targeted customers may also be nearly immediate.

The internet has opened up new opportunities for businesses by being able to promote our products and services 24/7. Digital marketing provides a sometimes stunning array of demographic data on our customers. We know where they live, what their preferences are, their levels of education and job titles. Armed with this knowledge, we can better serve up products that they will want.

1. Higher conversion rates with digital marketing

The businesses that are using digital marketing can measure the conversion rates with real-time data. This helps to identify the percentage of customers who get converted into leads and then subscribers, and who finally purchases the product or service. Digital marketing helps qualify customers, and the end result is better lead conversion. SEO, social media marketing and email marketing are methods that provide fast and effective communication channels with high conversion rates.

2.Increase of trust in brands

Communicating with a brand’s social media pages for more direction or recommendations has become the norm. These interactions build trust and build up a strong image of the brand in the minds of new customers and leads to more conversions. A positive review by a satisfied customer increases the likelihood that other consumers will also convert and leave positive reviews. We all count on these reviews before making purchases—another great example of the influence of digital marketing.

3.Helps to create growth options for businesses

Digital marketing methodologies are customizable and are much cheaper than the old forms of marketing. With digital marketing, we can select the tool that meets our budget and still reach a large, prequalified audience at a low cost to grow market share.

4.Cost-effective marketing for any business

Digital marketing provides the ability to reach more qualified customers and stay within your budget. You identify your marketing budget.

5.Targeting and getting connected to the mobile customers

Mobile phones have become a necessary business tool, and as a consequence, our websites are designed to configure to our mobile devices. We’re now using our mobile phones to attract and build relationships. We’re now using text applications, developing campaigns that reach our customers on a whole new level.

top of mind marketing; digital marketing is important for many reasons, including its being measurable

Getting started with digital marketing

Digital marketing strategies are affordable, measurable, accessible and endlessly adaptable. Getting started on social channels or doing online advertising can be intimidating, and there is always a learning curve. We help our clients take the guesswork out of digital marketing and develop customized campaigns that help them grow their businesses. Contact Top of Mind Marketing to help grow your business.