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top of mind marketing google SGE and search

The Future of Content Strategy: A Deep Dive into Google’s SGE and AIO

What is SGE? Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) is the upgraded search landscape. SERP results are different with SGE because it uses generative AI that will provide users with quick summaries of their search queries. These SERP responses can be multimodal. They also can become conversational AI. Thinks of this as a dialogue where users can make queries, clarify answers and receive complex responses.

top of mind marketing storytelling with datai

Storytelling with Data: Learn How Three AI Apps Are Rocking It

Storytelling with data is revolutionizing the way we transform complex information into digestible insights. AI applications are not just simplifying spreadsheets; they’re employing data visualization techniques to create graphs and charts that enable teams to quickly visualize data, assimilate it, and make informed business decisions.

This approach to storytelling with data allows users to identify patterns and trends effortlessly. The end product is a meticulously woven data story that grabs attention, stirs emotions, and communicates a message far more effectively than any spreadsheet could.

top of mind Marketing interactive websites

Interactive Websites: Learn How AI Is Raising the Bar on Web Design

Websites have undergone a remarkable transformation, and as technology advances, it continues to elevate our expectations with interactive elements, paving the way for modern UI design trends. Gone are the days of static pages laden with dull information; they have been replaced by immersive experiences that captivate users with modern UI design. Interactive websites are captivating audiences.

top of mind marketing notion ai

Notion AI: Learn How This AI Writing Tool Also Manages Strategy

One of the key reasons why NotionAI stands out is its integration of content writing artificial intelligence technologies. NotionAI, the best AI content writing tool, uses AI to automate repetitive tasks, provide intelligent suggestions, and analyze data to offer valuable insights. For example, the AI-powered task manager in this AI content writing tool automatically prioritizes tasks based on deadlines, importance, and resources available, facilitating content writing and helping individuals stay focused and efficient.

top o mind markeing cover photo gptzero

GPTZero Review: An AI Content Detector with 100% Accuracy

We now have applications that promise to detect content that’s been machine-generated rather than written by a human. GPTZero wants to stamp content that’s the real thing–100% human, by creating a kind of prestigious watermark. GPTZero is an AI content detection tool that’s become popular in the academic sector for its ability to produce consistent results.

top of mind marketing scribbr rating

Scribbr AI Review: AI Writer, Editor, and a Whole Lot More

With the outline as your guide, the AI writer generates the main content based on the provided input. The generated content is well-researched, engaging, and tailored to your specific needs. Adjusting the parameters such as tone, style, and word count and you’ll get different results. You can keep going back indefinitely to recalibrate the fundamentals that will deliver different responses.

Fireflies AI: The Ultimate Note-Taking Tool

I has brought about a revolution in note taking AI. The new AI notetaker apps, like Fireflies AI, are integrating note taking with other related functionalities, redefining the role of a notetaker. We’re examining Fireflies AI, a fireflies note taker tool that’s more than just a notetaking app. This multifunctional tool, also known as the Fireflies notetaker, captures and manages information, making it a game-changer for anyone aiming to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity with its integrations and conversation intelligence.


Murf AI: How to Make This Voice Generator Part of Your Content Creation Kit

Whether you are a content creator, marketer, or business owner, the way you communicate with your audience can make a huge difference in how your message is received. By using AI voice generators, you can transform written content into engaging audio that captures the attention of your audience. From podcasts to video narrations, AI voice tools are a seamless and efficient way to enhance your content and create a more immersive experience for your users.


What’s the Best AI Website Builder for 2023? It May Be Durable AI

Durable AI is an AI website builder that promises to build a website in minutes. Well, it really can, and it’s easy. Create an account and fill in a few fields to identify your location, your industry and a few facts about your business and Durable AI serves up your new website. You really don’t need to know how to code or anything about the website design process. AI has made technology accessible for everyone.

top of mind marketing Copyleaks-Review

Copyleaks: Find Out What Sets This AI Plagiarism Detector Apart

Is it plagiarism if I copy content produced by artificial intelligence? Think about it. AI content is pulled from a vast warehouse of data–it’s all coming from external sources–none of it is our own. If that’s our standard, then none of the AI content we’re creating and posting in our blogs, articles and presentations is original content. If that’s our standard, we’re all plagiarizing!