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top of mind marketing: creating a persona and making it real

How to Create a Persona and Find Your Ideal Customer

A user persona is a term that keeps popping up in articles about content marketing. A persona is a detailed description of someone who represents your demographic definition. While your persona is fictional, it’s based on your own research into what your existing and/or desired audience looks like. You’re identifying your ideal customer.

top of mind marketing creating a pillar page content strategy

How to Build High-Performing Pillar Pages to Boost SEO

Content clusters, cornerstone content and pillar pages. They’re all described as topically relevant content based on a hierarchical structure. Here’s what matters: Pillar pages are a way to organize your website’s content and create an internal linking structure so it’s easier for Google to crawl and index your site.

marketing google helpful content for better seo

Google Helpful Content Update: How to Write for Humans

Google’s helpful content update: Write for humans, not search engines

In August 2022, Google announced a search algorithm update called the “Helpful Content Update.” This was part of a larger effort to help us write more original content–people-first content that’s written for humans–not search engines.

top of mind marketing organic seo isn't enough: building backlinks for improved seo

Forget Organic Search Engine Rankings and Start Building Backlinks

If you want to show up in search, you need to be building backlinks

Imagine you’ve just launched a new website for your business and are eager to watch it climb the search engine rankings. You’ve published good quality content on your website, used the right keywords, and done everything you can to make it SEO-friendly. But despite your efforts, your website is still not landing on the first page.

top of mind marketing-duplicate content and your seo

How to Stop Sabotaging Your SEO with Duplicate Content

What Is duplicate content?

Google’s definition of duplicate content is a nightmare for any website owner. It’s walking on thin ice without knowing when you will fall through. Google considers content duplicate when it appears at multiple locations or URLs online. It means that even if you have the same information on different website pages, it could still be flagged as duplicate content. Keep in mind that that duplicate content could live anywhere–on your website or someone else’s.

top of mind marketing structured data to aid in seo

How to Show Up On Google Search with Structured Data

What is structured data?

According to Google’s Introduction to Structured Data, “When information is highly structured and predictable, search engines can more easily organize and display it in creative ways.”

A good way to think about structured data is to understand that unstructured data, with which we likely are more familiar, is more free form in nature. Examples of unstructured data are our text files and photos, video and audio files. They’re our blogs and social media posts.

top of mind marketing. A time to return to personal storytelling

Content Creation: Is it Time to Share Personal Stories?

I just wrote an article about content curation. It’s a great way to share articles that you might not normally be writing about. Content that you think your audience might enjoy. You’re still spending time finding these articles and posting them and explaining why you think someone should read them. The following article is something I read a while back and I have thought about it so many times: Bring back personal blogging, by Monique Judge at the Verge.

Top of Mind Marketing: AI Wars: Microsoft and Bing with ChatGPT has changed the search landscape

Who Will Dominate the AI Search Landscape? Microsoft vs Google

Microsoft has made a groundbreaking move by incorporating ChatGPT technology into its Bing search engine. I wrote about ChatGPT a month or so ago, and this advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tool is reshaping the way we access information; it’s transforming the search landscape. ChatGPT’s developer, OpenAI, announced that it will start using Microsoft Bing as the default search experience for ChatGPT. Experts say the move could bring Bing to the top of the search game.

top of mind marketing. Twitter: along musk versus the wannabes

What’s Going on with Twitter? Elon vs the Wannabes

Why users are abandoning Twitter

The rise of Twitter competitors has been spurred by Twitter’s character limits and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain that Twitter does not support. But it’s also about Elon Musk himself. Many are simply weary of the drama.

being top of mind: ai content tools will save time

AI Tools: Choose The 5 Best AI Content Writers

Something to keep in mind: AI content writers are not there yet

AI content may be grammatically correct, but the content produced by these tools is stiff and generic. It lacks the examples, case studies and personal experience that keeps audiences reading to the end. You can’t really rely on AI writers alone to produce and publish your content for you. We still need human intervention to create a good content.